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Top 10 Actresses of Bollywood Who Did Plastic Surgery to their Faces and Have a Gorgeous New Look

Doesn’t media outlets appear to be inconceivably alluring and hypnotizing to us from far off? As observers, we just observe the silly side of the business – the ideal countenances with their wonderful lives. Yet, we neglect the dim side, which means their fixation on appearance that comes rather normally by being a piece of this world. Corrective medical procedures like nose occupations, lip fillers, and botox, have turned out to be standard and regular among famous people and is presently generally acknowledged in their reality.

1.Priyanka Chopra



A standout amongst the most prominent Bollywood performers who has now made her check even in Hollywood and the previous Miss World has changed from ‘the young lady adjacent’ into the ‘most sweltering diva’ of B-town. Throughout the years, she has experienced a mess of medical procedures from her nose to her lips, and it has ended up being wonderful for her profession. She has never acknowledged experiencing any medical procedure in that capacity, however, she additionally hasn’t rejected making utilization of different upgrades, for example, infusions, lip fillers, and different medications.

2.Anushka Sharma



Anushka Sharma turned into a casualty of discussion over her new lips. Her plumpy lip frown turned into an “issue of worry” for average citizens, yet she effortlessly and transparently acknowledged that her more full lips were, indeed, a consequence of a lip upgrading apparatus. She likewise needed her fans to realize that she’s solitary human and not great. Be that as it may, Anushka Sharma has dependably been pretty and has had a somewhat fruitful profession, and this did not have any huge effect to her vocation astute. We welcome the genuineness!

3.Vaani Kapoor



The ‘Shuddh Desi Romance’ on-screen character grabbed everybody’s eye after the trailer of her latest film ‘Befikre’ turned out in 2016. She appeared to have joined the restorative medical procedure temporary fad with a mess of progress in her button, lips and her face structure. There was something delicate and genuine about her characteristic look before this huge change was made, however, Vaani Kapoor did not appear to acknowledge the assumed “bits of gossip”, saying she owed every one of the progressions to her colossal weight reduction and requested that the group of onlookers dissuade her change.

4.Shruti Hassan



The exquisite performer has been extremely open about experiencing a nose medical procedure; notwithstanding, she elucidates that it was for restorative reasons as she experienced difficulty relaxing. She had a typical issue including a going astray septum, and she uncovered on Big CBS Love’s demonstrate India’s Glam Diva that she experienced a septoplasty. She was additionally reputed to have landed a lip position, however Shruti rubbished the gossipy tidbits saying what she does with her body is her own particular business and that she isn’t responsible to the trolls. That is the approach, young lady!



The yesteryear on-screen character looks route more youthful than her genuine age attributable to the numerous plastic medical procedures that she experienced with fluctuating outcomes. Despite the fact that her fans view her as an evergreen wonder since her flicks like Chandni and Naagin, the on-screen character has had an exceptionally clear nose employment and botox other than the cosmetic touch-ups and body-tucking methodology. Sri Devi hammered these charges saying that ladies more than 40 should care for themselves and do what makes them alluring.

6.Shilpa Shetty



The Big Brother Victor is one of India’s most popular and prominent VIPs. Despite the fact that Shilpa Shetty is in her 40s, the on-screen character has kept up herself and her amazingly conditioned body. She experienced two nose employments that did ponder for her looks as well as for her vocation. She has been open about it and says that it’s no major ordeal. Her sharp nose currently offsets her highlights splendidly!

7.Aishwarya Rai



The previous Miss World who’s thought to be among the most lovely ladies on the planet was in the thick of debate with respect to her experiencing plastic medical procedure methods. Reports recommended that she had lip fillers, facial fillers, a nose occupation and cheek inserts done. There is a ton of distinction in her appearance since she at first began her vocation and in her present look. Be that as it may, the performing artist has never freely confessed to going under the blade. We can’t quit appreciating her loveliness notwithstanding all the theory.

8.Nargis Fakhri


Nargis Fakhri used to be a contender on America’s Top Model, and step by step she advanced into Bollywood with the sentimental dramatization ‘Rockstar’ in 2011. Amid her more youthful years, the performer and model had more slender lips. She presently has a mouth looking poutier than any time in recent memory, and some vibe that she has taken the duck-confront incline excessively far. There is an amazing change in her appearance, however, she looks remarkable.

9.Aditi Rao Haydri



She may not be as well known as her Bollywood peers, but rather Aditi Rao Hydari is certain as hellfire dazzling. She experienced a nose occupation, and now her nose looks more slender and straighter. It has added refinement and definition to her face. In any case, we trust it’s still ahead of schedule to choose whether this move to change her highlights helped her profession in any capacity.

10.Katrina Kaif



Katrina Kaif is a standout amongst the most well known big names in India, and she has been subjected to a few plastic medical procedure gossipy tidbits, in spite of the fact that she has never freely confessed to completing anything. In any case, in the event that you contrast her underlying pictures and the ongoing ones, you will see a noteworthy change in her appearance. The most well-known theories incorporate her conceivable nose work and the utilization of cheek and lip fillers.

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