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Some Extraordinary skin care tips that You Should Follow this summers to make your Skin Glowing and Fresh.

Summers season comes every year and it keeps staying around 4-5 months and how can we forget about the love of summers present the scratching heat of sun’s rays and how much it can harmful especially for our skin. The shiny sun’s rays can damage our skin and if you are working person and going out office on a daily basis or going outside daily or weekly basis for an outing,  shopping so it not will venture to escape from the effect of sunburn.

So here are some ways to help out you to keep your skin healthy and fearless for the damage.

  1. Wash your facewash your face for 3-4 times in each day of summers.  It will cleanse your skin and also keep your face hydrated and give you the fresh look.
  2.  Gentle face wash– use any gentle face wash for A different face has a different problem do not use any kind of harsh face wash for your skin especially in summers.
  3. Suitable MoisturizerChoose any of moisturizer according to your skin types there are many misconceptions that moisturizer can be used only in winter season. But here I am gonna correcting you that moisturize your body during summer is necessary because when we spend time in an air- condition environment artificial air observes our skin moisture and air dries the skin. which make wrinkles and fine lines on your pretty face and air dries can make your body skin harsh and cracky so in that case, you have to apply moisturizer in you all over the body use of moisturizer twice a day if you are living in the artificial air.
  4. sunscreen–  wearing SPF sunscreen lotion is a must during summers because sunscreen protects our skin against the harmful UV(ultra-violet) Rays radiated by the sunburn, rashes, acne, clogged pore and especially suntan. Most of the people don’t use any kind of  SPF  sunscreen. When it’s very important to wear sunscreen during in summers. Sunscreen has played the important role. We need to understand that it helps to prevent the sunburn, rashes, acne, redness, clogged pores, and tanning. It also protects your skin from the polluted effects which can damage Urskin use SPF sunscreen twice a day in sunlight. Choose your sunscreen carefully according to your skin type, minimum SPF 15 to SPF 50 are the best options.
  5.  Drink Plenty of WaterDrink water as much as you can in the heated summers season. We all know that how much water is valuable for our life but we haven’t drunk the adequate amount of water keeps you hydrated and rejuvenate your skin our body carries 70% water thus need the adequate quantity of it to function properly. The body cells need water to relatively active and energetic because your fluid levels can drop quickly. If you don’t drink enough water. Consuming at least 7-8 glasses of water in a day and temperature goes higher then you need to have 10-12 glasses of the water in heating summers.

drink plenty of water

  1. Routine Diet-you should keep your diet lite and balance during summers. Don’t intake carbohydrates more and avoid consuming junky food instead of having heavy meals consume sufficient amount of liquids, juicy fruits, vegetables and salad for a skin to stay away from the dehydration. It also helps to function your body Organs work properly.
  2. Gentle Touch-up and Proper Use of Make-up– living in a humid climate of summers season and stop putting chemicals and creams on your face if makeup is necessary for you so remember summer makeup is totally different than winter makeup. Wear lightweight foundation to avoid the patchiness. Just have to cut down unwanted products from your makeup and if you stay at home then leave your skin makeup free.
  3.  RoutineSkincare– make you routine with cleaning, toning, and moisturizing daily to maintain the beautiful and glowing skin of yours. If you need to exfoliate which should be done with a mild scrubber in twice a week to get rid off the dead skin cells on the surface and off the blackheads on your nose and face but make sure that you do not overdo it , this kind of skin care routine will make your skin fresh and flawless.
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