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Some Extraordinary Hair Therapy Tips for you Hairs That you should Follow in 2018

Some Extraordinary Hair Therapy Tips for you Hairs That you should Follow in 2018

This is too obvious, that women love their beauty a lot and they are just crazy about it. But the main part of their beauty is any individual hair They love to try many different hairstyles to look Gorgeous. Women look more attractive with long healthy hairs and every woman has the different type of texture like

1. Straight hair

2. Curly hair

3. Wave hair

4. Coily hair

Different hairs types have different problems but we found the most common hair problems have are the same.


2.Rought hairs

3.Hair fall

4.Per- Mature gray hairs

5.Dull hairs

if you are one of them who have these above hair problems so you just required to understand that your hair needs extra care routine. You must have to follow and be strict on it. Here, I’m gonna tell you some of hair care Routine.

1. Do Shampoo regularly:– yes!!! you heard right you should wash your hairs daily with shampoo. it’s very important not to clean your hair although clean your scalp because every problem starts from the scalp. And Expert says if you do shampoo regularly your 90% hairs problem will be solved. many people suggest you not to do shampoo regularly because it has lots of chemicals in it.which can damage your hairs, Do not use the excess amount of shampoo harmful try to do once in a day just to clean-up your hairs and scalp and stay away from the most problems of hair.

2. Do oiling your hairs:- Oiling your hair is very beneficial, I still remember my mom used to give oil massage on my hairs every day and at that time my hair was so awesome. But now no one has time to take care of hairs in their busy schedule. oiling is the right way to take care and while massaging remember to give a gentle massage from your fingertips in a circulating motion because oiling your hair stimulates the blood circulation which may help you to regain. Nowadays many varieties are available in the market but choose the right oil for hair type is also important.if there any confusion so you may pick any of these like, Olive oil, coconut oil, and mustard oil are the always

Best options.

3. Conditioning properly:- Conditioning your hair is important for having strong, healthy hairs. you want your hair to look great for long after.washing your hair you should squeeze the water from your hairs and apply conditioner in a proper manner on your hair especially on your hair ends to repair the damage. Leaving it for a few minutes according to your convenient but minimum 5-7 minutes and rising it off with lukewarm water for manageable adds to the natural moisture and gives shine, spring, and intensity but do not apply conditioner on your roots and scalp directly. you need to conditioner your hair no matters what kind of texture you have.

4. Applying Serum:- Hair serum helps in turning your bad hairs days into good once by adding a layer of lustrous and nourishment through silicon content. serum gives protection to your hair follicles from the effects of heat and pollutants. the liquid form of hair serum is very simple and easy to apply on hair. Take a very small amount of serum and apply it throughout the length of your hair. after using serum chances of the damage will be less.

5. Maintain your diet:– External care is not enough for healthy and strong hairs, for that some changes are required in your daily routine should add on varieties of food like -spinach, carrot, egg, fish, almonds, walnuts and avocado for the perfect diet with the full of protein, iron, vitamins. which help to regrowth your hair internally.

6. Henna:- Natural way of nourishing and conditioning your hair with Henna is the best option, Nutrients in henna helps to nourish your hairs while also repairing the damage. you may apply once in a month to get the benefits of it and its improve hair elasticity and strength.

7. Frequently trimming:- Do trim your hair from your length ends within 6-8 weeks is necessary to give your hair equally shape and regrowth fast.

8. Comb your hair:- Comb your hairs is like stay free with dusty hair and keep your scalp clean. remains yourself to comb your hair 3-4 times in every single day and pick up right hair comb brush which suitable for you. Mention the above information are the basics routine you must try to follow. it can be helpful to manageable and get away from the many common hair problems.

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