lakme aloe vera ranges
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Lakme 9 to 5 Advanced range with the Goodness of Aloe Vera

Lakme 9 to 5 Advanced range with the goodness of aloe vera
/Summery collection which is mind blowing!!!

Lakme has recently launched a new 9 to 5 range rage of aloe vera products, for daily routine. its totally summery range with the goodness of aloe vera.

If you don’t like to wear heavy protector or skin care cream or avoiding to wear it, so this new range specially made for you. as we know that

Aloe VERA is a natural herb it has healing properties helps to improve skin elasticity. and it really good for any kind of skin problems and effectively suits any skin type. and now Lakme introduce the ALOE VERA range to protect our skin. It is such a good thing.

We all now usually are ALOE VERA extract with the natural remedy or home remedy but what else you would feel when you get to know that now we can use it into the day to day life. Enhance to maintain your skin protector in the easiest way.

lakme aloe vera ranges


Let’s have a look some skin care daily products from Lakme ALOE VERA range.


ALOE AQUA GEL: Aloe aqua gel is the prime product with the Enrich 100% ALOE VERA. It’s non-sticky, light weighted, easily absorbable gel and its ideal for all skin types. A soothing effect gives you nourishment quickly if it’s stressed.

lakme aloe vera ranges

Lakme aloe aqua gel keeps your skin hydrated for all day long.

If you are living in metro cities so you all know how much pollution we have surrounded, and city pollution making your skin looks dull & dusty.Day by day to give your skin the natural goodness of aloe vera to protect it from daily city pollution. Enriched with 100% pure ALOE VERA filtered from fresh leaves, it protects skin from pollution-induced dryness, so your skin stays deeply’ protected. Looks naturally bright and breathes all day.

You can also use it as a moisturizer or as a Primer-Like benefit, apply it before a workout makeup, work-out, after a shower, before step out, and even go to bad. It is the perfect canvas for your daily skin care.



TEXTURE: The ALOE AQUA GEL works perfectly as a primer. Its smooth texture spreads evenly to create a soft, hydrated surface ready for application of any skin care.

USAGE: Gently massage with circular movements. Starting from the center to the contours of your cleansed face. For best result use every morning and evening.

CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes. Wash your eyes thoroughly with clean water in case of eye contact.


  • Water base texture
  • Easily absorbs
  • Instant fresh and glowing skin
  • Soft and cooling effects
  • Mild moisturizer
  • Attractive packaging with rose gold ad greenish shine
  • Easy available
  • 2 years shelf life
  • Travel-friendly


  • Unhygienic plastic jar
  • Price Lil’ expensive according to another natural aloe vera gel
  • Less quantity
  • Artificial fragrance

2.Lakme 9 to 5 Naturales CC Cream: If you are make-up friendly and wanted to light coverage for natural brighten and glowing look.

so try this new Lakme 9 to 5 natural CC Cream infused the goodness of ALOE VERA. It gives you skin care protection plus natural makeup friendly look at the same time.

lakme aloe vera ranges

Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream goodness of ALOE VERA and protected from pollution induce dullness, enrich with pure aloe vera. This light weighted CC. Cream blends into the skin even out imperfection caused by external UV rays and protects your skin from pollution induce. Dryness and dullness, SPF 30 PA++ protects your skin from harmful sun exposure and UV damage,so your skin stays protected.

Looks flawless and naturally bright every day. Apply before stepping out of the house and top up anytime during the day or night for a natural beauty.

Available in two sheds:


Choose your shed according to your skin complexion: If you have medium to dusty or dark skin tone go for shed Brownz.If you have yellow based or whitish skin tone go for the shed, Honey.

Features and Benefits:

  • Enrich with the goodness of pure aloe vera
  • Protects skin from pollution-induced dullness and dryness
  • 2 years shelf life
  • Refreshing Fragrance
  • Staying power 6 to 8 hours
  • Easy to carry
  • Cover blemishes
  • Good for extra dry skin
  • Slim and beautiful packaging.

3. Lakme 9 to 5 natural

Day cream: Is city pollution casing your skin to look dull? Presenting the new Lakme 9 to 5 natural Day cream with an SPF 20, it is enriched with the goodness of pure aloe vera which is known to be a soothing and nourishing agent for skin.

lakme aloe vera ranges


This light weighted day cream hydrates and brightens stressed skin and helps to protect your skin from pollution-induced dullness and dryness that take away your skins natural glow. the light, non-sticky texture of this day cream enables your skin to breathe all through the through the day while keeping it protected against external aggress.

It contains SPF 20 PA++ that protects skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. your skin stays protected and naturally! Apply in the morning before stepping out or anytime during the day when you are on the go. Gently massage the cream in circular movements starting from the contours of your cleansed face and nake. For best results, use the day cream whole day.

Feature and benefits:

  • A light, brightening skin cream that hydrates stressed skin
  • It helps protect skin from pollution-induced dryness and dullness
  • SPF20 PA++ protects your skin from harmful UV damage
  • It lets your skin breathe and keeps it protected
  • Give your skin a naturally bright look

4. Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale

Night cream: Tired of waking up top dull skin?

lakme aloe vera ranges

Introducing the new Lakme 9 to 5 natural Night cream that is enriched with the goodness of pure aloe vera, which is known as a soothing and nourishing cream that absorbs easily into your skin while you sleep, So that you wake up to brighter looking skin every morning. This advanced night cream helps to repair your skin from pollution-induced dullness and dryness that ruin your skin texture and natural glow. It also helps strengthen skin’s defenses aggressors.

Apply daily at night to wake up to the nourished and naturally bright skin. Apply the night cream at bedtime on a cleansed face and nake, gently massage in circular movements. Unlikely event of skin irritation or discomfort, discontinue product usage and consultant a doctor. Avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact wash your eyes thoroughly with water.

Feature and Benefits:

Enriched with the goodness of pure aloe vera. Wake up to bright looking skin
The nourishing cream that absorbs easily into your skin.Helps strengthen sins natural defenses through the night
It helps repair pollution induced dryness and dullness. Skin is nourished and naturally bright every morning.

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